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Giant portion-sizes

Covid-19 has had a lot of us using delivery when we don’t want to cook, which is expensive, and you end up getting cold food, and paying 30-40% more than in the restaurant. However, cooking 7 nights a week is a huge chore for busy families. Subscribe to Familymeals and receive anywhere from 6 -12 meals that feed your hungry family and you always have leftovers. Plus, with family meals you are getting chef made, restaurant quality, food delivered at a price that can’t be beat.

Chef Jesse has 2 Kids of his own and knows what it takes to please them, and the adults. Save yourself the headache and the chore. Familymeals is simple, fresh, and makes everyone happy.

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Home cooked meals that feed the whole family

We started Family meals because we wanted to serve the immediate community in the best way we know how, with food. We believe a meal with family can heal wounds, change opinions, and actually change the world. Speaking as Jesse: So much of my life has been influenced by sitting around the table sharing a meal with family and friends alike. Back to my earliest memory in the kitchen with my mother helping her crush the tomatoes for the salsa with my bare hands, to cooking here in my kitchen for your family, I have always loved being a part of the reason we all come together. I have also known from a very young age that sitting around the table together, was a special time.

How it works


Select from a variety of different meal options.


Cooked by chefs and sent fresh directly to your door.


Enjoy a family sized meal, cancel at any time.

Meet Chef Jesse

Jesse Smith, is the founder and head chef of Familymeals. Jesse is a Seattle born chef that has over 20 years of professional culinary industry experience. Jesse prior to family meals, was the Executive Chef at several restaurants including Bizzaro café, and Pinkys. With stints at fine dining establishments such as Revel and the Space Needle, Jesse brings fine dining skills to accessible meals designed around what he would make at home for his family.

Raised in Arlington on his family’s farm, he has always had a close connection with food. He now lives in Seattle with his wife and 2 daughters. After watching many of his colleagues struggle to be both a father and a chef, he decided to forge a new path to make time for his family, and began a chef driven hot lunch program for elementary schools, that has been wildly popular with both the Kids and Teachers at the schools his company services, and are expanding rapidly, to new schools. In the 3rd year of this business, Covid-19 happened. As everyone scrambled to figure out the next step, Jesse started FamilyMeals, a community-based meals program, to continue to serve the community he so deeply loves. Jesse is now expanding this program to the greater Seattle area to provide restaurant quality, significant portioned, family style meals that feed anywhere from 4 hungry adults to 8, with leftovers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question about our product, or want to learn more? Here are some commonly asked questions we have received from our customers. Want to learn more? Please contact us today at

No, not at all! You can order just one meal at a time, but our subscription program offers weekly discounts and specials, and you can cancel anytime!
Our meals are always 60 dollars, with free delivery!
Our meals are really designed to feed the whole family. Our portions easily feed 4 large adults and up to 8. Our lasagna for instance, feeds 12! Still 60 bucks.
Not at this time. As our program expands, we will have more options.
LOL. No. We wouldn't do you like that. Leave the cooking to me, thats the whole point right?! You just gotta heat it up.
You will definitely have some! The food will last 3 or 4 days in the fridge, significantly less time on the counter.
In addition to providing affordable meals, you can use our "share a FamilyMeal" program to purchase a meal for a family in need! A portion of every single meal will go to support one our partnered charities, organizations that we believe are doing good things for our community.